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Golf Drills in the Backyard

Golf Drills at Home

In September 2011 I posted the below video which to my surprise is about to hit 10,000 views on YouTube.  I was showing all the different ways I was practicing at the time.  Looking back on it I see that I had no idea how little my lower body was actually doing in my golf swing.  I’m really glad I took all this video footage so I can compare where I am now to where I was.  The hard part is to resist yelling at my old self on the screen to turn my hips!!!

Taylor Made Golf Clubs

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What does chopping wood have to do with the golf swing?

Swinging a weighted implement

Chopping wood shares many similarities to swinging a golf club.  You have a long handle and the business end is heavy in relation to the stick it’s attached to.  If you want to do damage you have to let go and allow the weight of the head to do its job.  You can’t muscle it with your hands and arms.  There is a gathering of speed with the max velocity being reached right at impact to deliver the most powerful blow possible to some poor piece of wood or golf ball, whichever kind of ax swinging you’ve decided to engage in.


Golf in the woods

In this October 2012 update I played a round outside of Lake Tahoe at Northstar Resort.  There were 9 tight holes played in the woods (the back 9, which is where we started our round as they use a 10 a.m. shotgun start during the fall due to morning frost) and 9 holes set out in the open which seemed like an afterthought.  A beautiful setting for half of the time was good enough.

Bear in mind when watching the video that I have never in my life chopped wood, I grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and never even went camping until I was in my 20s.  I’m now learning to appreciate the outdoors and an Airstream trailer will be my home in retirement, traveling to different golf destinations.  My wife can come with and run the video camera.

Golf Trousers from Bunker Mentality

Scottsdale Golf 


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Shoulder Rotation is required for good golf

Reviewing the Rotater, a device for improving shoulder rotation and health

I’ve had FMS and TPI screens and shoulder mobility is a big issue for me, but beyond just looking to start cranking on the rotator cuff, I’m interested in determining the root of what I see as a common problem among middle aged and older males who work in office buildings and have two kids and a mortgage. And that would be the issue of poor overall posture and movement ability.

Let me know what you think of this Part 1 of a product review for a device that I’m not ready to even use yet for reasons explained in the video series.


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