Apr 17 / admin

Today I used the SwingShot video camera to chronicle a game with my friend Omar I like to call the Slam Dunk Contest.  Watch and enjoy!

And then go pick up a SwingShot!

Mar 17 / admin

Buy the SwingShot On Course Video Camera

The SwingShot camera is perhaps the most exciting invention imaginable for a guy who likes to record on course golf action without the hassle of tripods or asking friends to handle the camera. Watch the video then go here to buy it and start making your own video records of your actual play on the course!:

SwingShot On Course Video Camera

Feb 28 / admin

February range sesh

Like a lot of intermediate golfers, I hit my short irons fairly well, especially off astroturf, but I’m convinced that hitting off range mats is detrimental to low point control because it doesn’t adequately punish a fat shot.