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#20: December 2010: Driver down the line at Olympic Club (Lake) in San Francisco, CA


#19: December 2010: 6 Iron shot at Mira Vista Country Club in El Cerrito, CA

#18: November 2010: Reviewing Charlie King’s “New Rules of Golf Instruction” Program

#17: November 2010: The Agony & Ecstasy of Short Game Practice

#16: October 2010: I’m shanking the ball, here’s the proof

#15: October 2010: Deadlift Progress Video on Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Program

#14: August 2010: More Practice Behind the Gym


#13: July 2010: Short Game Practice Session

#12: July 2010: Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco, CA

#11: May 2010: Stanford Golf Course in Palo Alto, CA Full Round Highlights (Roman Reed tournament)

#10: May 2010: Practice Session behind the Gym

#9: April 2010: GolfProgress in Hawaii at Poipu: Full Round Highlights

#8: March 2010: Olympic Club (Ocean) in San Francisco, CA: Full Round Highlights

#7: February 2010: Backyard shots with the Floppy


#6: January 2010: Rough Cut of Episode 1 of the Golf Progress Show


#5: November 2009: Golf Progress Animated Intro Video #1


#4: October 2009: Driver Down the line at Olympic Club (Ocean Course) in San Francisco, CA

#3: October 2009: 7 iron shot from behind at Lincoln Golf Course in San Francisco, CA

#2: September 2009: Online Golf Lesson with MySwingOnline

#1: August 2007: Golf Lesson with Terry Rowles: