Golf Gadgets

In addition to Golf Training Aids, I’m a big fan of golf gadgets.

GPS for Golf

One of the quickest ways to improve your scoring is to KNOW YOUR DISTANCES!

Here are some of the hottest selling GPS devices on the market:

SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS
This Skycaddie SGX Golf GPS device from Skygolf features an amazingly brilliant color display of data that has been walked off by SkyCaddie. They are not relying on satellite images for distances, only to pinpoint your location. From there SkyGolf takes it’s data to pinpoint your distance to the hole. ADVANTAGE: VOTED MOST ACCURATE GOLF GPS UNIT

Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS
Garmin, a leader in GPS, has jumped into the Golf GPS market with their Approach G5 GPS unit. Their unit is waterproof and uses a touchscreen interface. The maps are preloaded for your pleasure. ADVANTAGE: GARMIN KNOWS GPS AND THIS UNIT IS THE MOST RUGGED ON THE MARKET.

Callaway uPro Golf GPS
The Callaway uPro Golf GPS is unique in that it provides the avid golfer with detailed aerial and satellite photography of the golf holes plus GPS technology to clearly show hazards and the complete layout of each hole. ADVANTAGE: MOST REALISTIC IMAGES


I rely on the new high speed video cameras from Casio to make my movies.  Look for a review in the coming months. 

For Casio’s latest affordable high speed vidcam, look no further:

Casio Slow Motion Video Camera


If you want to improve fast, you need to know where you’re losing the most strokes.  Expect some reviews of scoring analysis software in the coming months.


Having a launch monitor is a necessity for a clubfitter but nowadays a lot of pros have them and even some golf enthusiasts have a consumer model to try out at home or at the range.  Look for a review of the different options out there in the coming months.