Golf Fitness

Golfers are only recently becoming aware of the importance of Golf Fitness to their game.  Rather than focusing on traditional measures of fitness like aerobic conditioning aka ‘cardio’, or traditional measures of strength such as max effort bench press and squat ability, golfers should be more interested in the following:

  1. Mobility in key joints and areas of the spine: Ankle, Hips, T-Spine, Neck
  2. Stability in key joints and areas of the spine: Foot, Knee, Pelvis, Core, Scapula
  3. Flexibility in the calves and hamstrings
  4. Glute activation
  5. Core engagement
  6. Balance
  7. Power
  8. Speed
  9. Internal and External rotation of hips and shoulders
  10. Rotary Stability

I’m sure there are more attributes to be added but the point is that Golf Fitness is about ‘readiness’, not about looking a certain way or being able to lift a set amount of weight.  You only need enough proficiency in each area as to not limit your ability to create the right movement pattern for a golf swing.  There is no need to have super joint mobility, it just needs to be adequate.  Being ultraflexible by itself will probably not help your game, but having flexibility problems WILL hinder your ability to make a free swing and to generate speed.

The fact that most golfers who are reading this sit at a computer for a good portion of the day speaks to the need for postural awareness all day long.  There is a concept called the 23 to 1 rule that personal trainers and strength coaches are familiar with.  The one hour in the gym is supposed to make up for what the client is doing the other 23 hours of the day.  There are ways to improve that ratio so that the time outside of the workout can be productive as well.

Here are some great videos addressing some key topics in golf fitness

TPI guys talk scapular stabilization

Pilates for Golf from Mindy Boysen-The Spine Twist

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  • Personal Trainer Kensington

    I work with many golf players to improve their functional fitness. This involves exercises that can be translated to the golf course. I work on explosive strength for the drive and improving core stability. A proper golf specific fitness plan can make such a difference to your game.


    These guys are the best in taking you from where you are, to where you want to be in golf. ( I know everyone says that but, as an ex-college golfer, I’ve done TPI and it doesn’t work long term). They are quite new, but are also quickly aquiring players such as Charley Hull to their programme