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Golf Drills in the Backyard

Golf Drills at Home

In September 2011 I posted the below video which to my surprise is about to hit 10,000 views on YouTube.  I was showing all the different ways I was practicing at the time.  Looking back on it I see that I had no idea how little my lower body was actually doing in my golf swing.  I’m really glad I took all this video footage so I can compare where I am now to where I was.  The hard part is to resist yelling at my old self on the screen to turn my hips!!!

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  • http://twitter.com/nobackswing Bryan Bazilauskas

    nice video, how do you like the zoom boom trainer?

  • http://twitter.com/golfprogress Nick Chertock

    Baz: I like the concept but for me, until my shoulders are able to rotate better, I can’t get the release that it encourages.  It’s a good training aid because it’s counterbalanced and makes it easier to learn to sustain the lag longer in the downswing.  But if the shoulder rotation isn’t there (some would consider this arm rotation) then it just makes it easier to cheat and release the club through a weak flip of the wrists and forearms.  

  • Daniel Lee

    I love the video =). If you are looking to get your shoulders to fully release the boom trainer your using is going to hurt you. Although it will help with your core strengthening, it won’t allow you to release your lower body (pivot over and axis) which is what balances out the centripetal force of you arms/club (25+lbs) and allows you to get all of your mass through the ball. If your lower body isn’t moving you will end up with a pure upper body swing that is lacking power and feel. Hope this helps, just wanted to reach out when I saw this and shed some experience. All the best.