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Shoulder Rotation is required for good golf

Reviewing the Rotater, a device for improving shoulder rotation and health

I’ve had FMS and TPI screens and shoulder mobility is a big issue for me, but beyond just looking to start cranking on the rotator cuff, I’m interested in determining the root of what I see as a common problem among middle aged and older males who work in office buildings and have two kids and a mortgage. And that would be the issue of poor overall posture and movement ability.

Let me know what you think of this Part 1 of a product review for a device that I’m not ready to even use yet for reasons explained in the video series.


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  • Thebirdiehunt

    I think this is a great topic Nick.  I had a physical assessment done about two months ago and i’m sure you can guess what the assessment was.  For a guy that sits at a desk all day my shoulders are out of whack and my rotation is limited.  I’m interested to see what you follow this post up with.