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Lesson on Lag from Martin Chuck

Understanding lag in the golf swing

Martin Chuck, inventor of the Tour Striker training club, is one of the top instructors in the world.  As judged by me.  Below is a cool video using a grape to demonstrate the concept of clubhead lag.  Martin is doing a lot to simplify the concepts written in the classic golf book “The Golfing Machine

Tour Striker

You most likely know Martin Chuck as the inventor of the most diabolically evil training aid ever, The Tour Striker.  While I have not used the Tour Striker yet, I know it’s a good tool from the many hundreds of teachers and golfers that have told me of its effects.  When you look at it you can clearly see that it will force you to “modify intent” as Martin so brilliantly put it during his interview with Fred Greene on the Golf Smarter Podcast last month.  You simply cannot scoop the ball using this training club and therein lies the value–the tool forces you to change your ways and to produce forward shaft lean at impact.  For that reason alone I love it, although I’m sure if I tried it I might learn to hate it.  Because it would not let me get away with the scoop picking that I typically do with my mid and longer irons and I would have to face reality.

Check out the Tour Striker!

The Tour Striker

The Tour Striker














  • Jeff Evans

    Great concept of using a grape!