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Golf Training in 2011: Year End Wrap Up

Golf Progress: 2011 In Conclusion

I made it quite clear for the past two years that I was intent on getting to a seven index by the end of 2011.  So the inevitable question must be asked: Did I reach my goal?  The answer, in short, is no.  I got as low as 11.3 and I’m currently an 11.6.  Find out what happened and what I learned:

In 2012, there will be lots more golf biomechanics, golf fitness, product reviews, book reviews, profiles of instructors, practice drills, and deep thoughts.

  • Dan

    have you thought about getting a group together from different locations and doing the same thing.   For example finding people similiar to you in different areas of the country and doing the same thing?

  • admin

    Dan: I have thought of this yes. What I’d like to eventually do is have a forum on this site where people who are really working hard on their game can connect and practice together and encourage each other. Thanks for reading! You’re a pro right? I think I remember you as a new addition to the Golf Teaching Pro group on Facebook.