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Golf Fitness and Biomechanics: TPI is leading the way

Golf Fitness is an Industry Because of TPI

Anyone who has read my blog or met me will know that I’m a big supporter of those who treat golf as a motor skill.  Yes the mind plays a major role but every golfer is limited by what their body is capable of, just as a racecar driver is limited by the car they take to the track.  It’s my firm belief that the frustrated midhandicap golfer (my target audience) is most likely wasting their time with their golf improvement efforts if they haven’t been physically screened.  For instance, the inability to hinge at the hip joints is rampant for middle aged executives, partially due to sitting at a desk staring at a computer monitor all day, with other causes that I’ll save for future posts.

The 2010 World Golf Fitness Summit presented by TPI

In November 2010 dozens of the top minds in golf fitness and biomechanics gathered in Orlando for the semi-annual World Golf Fitness Summit as put together by TPI.  This is my tribute to the presenters that week.

Here are the golf fitness professionals mentioned, in the order they appear in the video

Dr. Greg Rose
Dave Phillips
Jamie Sadlowski
Ben Shear
Jeff Banaszak
Mark Verstegen
Lance Gill
Jason Glass
Ryan Crysler
Milo Bryant
Sean Cochran
Sean Foley
Gray Cook
Janet Alexander
Mike Bennett
Andy Plummer
Craig Davies
Dr. Harry Sese
Dr. Mike Voight
Granger Beaton
Tyler Ferrell
Dee Tidwell
Mike Dixey
James Sieckmann
Robert Yang
Don Parsons
Mark Blackburn
Thomas Plummer
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