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Casio EX-FH100: The Time to Buy it is Now!

The Casio EX-FH100 is going to be discontinued!

Casio’s latest model, the EX-ZR100 is an inferior camera for the golf professional or enthusiast who wants high quality slow motion video of the golf swing.

Buy the Casio EX-FH100 here:

Casio EX-FH100
Casio FH100
Casio Ex FH100

Buy the Casio EX-FH100

Click Here to Buy the Camera on Amazon.com

Buy the Casio EX-FH100

The Casio EX-FH100

Announcement in April 2011 from Golf Video Expert Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips of TPI is the foremost expert on using the Casio line of high speed cameras for filming the golf swing.  I take my cues from him in this area, and today he put up a video on the myTPI Facebook Page that advised anyone thinking about buying a Casio high speed video camera to consider immediately buying the Casio EX-FH100 for approximately $225 (as of mid April 2011), a model that is being discontinued, rather than the newer Casio EX-ZR100 model which costs closer to $300 and more important, does not have an adjustable shutter speed.

I’ve been using the outdated and inferior FC100 which was discontinued well over a year ago and does a pretty good job but will be blown away by the FH100 that I just ordered about five minutes ago from Amazon.com

Here are some examples of slow motion video from the Casio FC100.  The FH100 will have superior low light performance to the FC100, and because of the adjustable shutter speed I will be able to see the clubhead make impact with the golf ball, something that is not possible with either the Casio EX-FC100 or the Casio EX-ZR100 because their shutter speeds are not adjustable.

Here is a link to the video where Dave Phillips warns that the price is going to be rising very soon on these cameras:

View the Facebook Video from Dave Phillips

They will become collector’s items like the Casio EX-F-1 which originally sold for $999 but I’ve seen it as high as $2,999 in recent weeks and Amazon.com has no stock of it.

UPDATE: Dave Phillips recorded a full review of the ZR100 which I’ve embedded below:

Guide to Casio High Speed Video Cameras Available as of April 2011:

Casio EX-FH100: The one to buy right now, because it is still affordable at well under $300 at the moment, and it is being discontinued.

Buy the Casio EX-FH100

Casio EX-ZR100: If you arrive at the above page and the EX-FH100 is no longer available, the alternative would be to buy the new ZR100, however without the adjustable shutter speed you may want to wait until Casio discovers that the golf pros who use their Cameras are not pleased with the fact that this key feature was stripped out of the new model.

The Casio EX-ZR100

The Casio EX-ZR100 High Speed Camera

The Casio EX-F1:This is a legendary camera that has been a blessing to golf instructors around the world and anyone interested in super high quality slow motion golf video.  There has never been a camera of this quality anywhere near the original retail price of $999.  This camera has been discontinued but can still be found Used on Amazon.com HERE

The Casio EX-F1

The Casio EX-F1 High Speed Camera

  • Anonymous

    So far I’ve heard from 6 golf professionals and one amateur who have purchased this camera as a result of the blogpost in the last four days. There will be no FH100 models left after a few months and the price will surely skyrocket. Mine arrived yesterday! http://yfrog.com/hsmzjeoj

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    Casio was established in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio, an engineer specializing in fabrication technology.u00a0

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    The Casio Exilim EX-FH100 is a solid point & shoot, and a worthy choice for sports or nature fanatics. 

  • Werner

    I have an EX-F1 and a HS20, I think i shot about 50 photos and played with the HS video a bit, so they are both in excellent condition. (I even still have both boxes)

  • http://dupagecojail.com/ DuPage County Jail

    Casio has updated the popular EX-FC100 (last year’s model) with the EX-FH100, which adds a little more resolution and doubles the zoom.

  • http://twitter.com/golfprogress Nick Chertock

    You’ve got two solid cameras on your hands, the EX-F1 you can get at least $2,000 for on eBay I’m betting

  • http://twitter.com/golfprogress Nick Chertock

    The resolution at 240 fps is actually almost double what the FC100 offered.  It’s a huge upgrade for me having the FH100 now.

  • Glenn Vinci

    Nice camera. Thanks a lot for posting this product, collection faq

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