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TPI Golf Fitness Academy Season 6

Golf Fitness Training Taken to a New Level

The boys will be bringing it this season of the Golf Fitness Academy. I just saw this preview today and I felt compelled to post because of the impact I predict this season will have. Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips have teamed up to bring ten episodes of what I consider the most valuable video footage a certain type of golfer could possibly spend their time watching. That certain type of golfer would be one who has ever experienced back pain after golf, who sits at a desk looking at a computer all day, who would like to hit the ball farther with the driver and compress the ball much better with irons, or who wants to be able to play all 18 holes without fatigue. If your golf specific fitness is on point but you just want to play better golf, these videos are still required viewing. If you’re 30 pounds overweight and don’t have an interest in ever doing the workouts, watch it anyway. You may change your mind.

Here’s the video, and scoll down below to see what’s in it.  Click HERE to buy them.  I’m not affiliated with TPI in any way and don’t benefit financially, I just think these videos are a great value and I’ll be buying them myself shortly:

Here are some of what’s in this 10 minute preview:

  • New technologies in golf, including exercise equipment and 3D motion analysis. I particularly am interested in this as I see 3D Golf Biomechanics as being huge in the next decade.
  • Golf specific strength training advances
  • Assessments
  • Tom Kite shows the audience his workout. At fifty something Tom is in very good condition and says he trains only on his feet. He’s shown doing some innovative shoulder exercises that are rehab oriented but look ideal for anyone whose shoulders have given them any kinds of issues.
  • Dynamic Mobility
  • T-Spine and Hip range of motion
  • Some Gray Cook inspired movements with bands that require total body stability, cutting edge stuff
  • Wrist release issues
  • Working on mobility, strength, and motor learning
  • Top Golf Fitness Trainer Sean Cochran with LPGA player I.K. Kim showing us complexes hitting different muscle fiber types in phases. Watching her deep squat almost to the ground and demonstrate superb hip mobility you can see what a tremendous athlete she is.
  • Then it starts really heating up, and you’re only now about three minutes into this preview video.

  • Lance Gill talking body alignment in all planes. This segment is one I look forward to watching the most.
  • Weight shift and disassociation of upper and lower body, with various techniques like using slideboards  being introduced. Slideboards are an amazing tool for developing the sensation of smooth weight transfer. Knowing how to physically be capable of posting up on the lead leg is addressed and this is a critical and overlooked issue for the midhandicapper
  • Generating more speed. Looks like Dave is showing some primitive movement patterns which I like to see. It’s a strange looking worm move he’s doing which is getting back to the basic movements that are handled by the core without aid of the limbs. This looks to be more Gray Cook inspired programming which I fully endorse.
  • Milo Bryant from TPI Jr. showing Olympic Lifts! This had me pumped as I’ve never seen a golf show introduce Olympic Weightlifting to that audience, this must be a first.
  • David Donatucci, Director of Fitness for the PGA of America, demonstrates some medicine ball exercises for explosive power development
  • The remainder of the episode is just TODD DURKIN!  One of the top strength and conditioning trainers on the planet shows up, for those who don’t know he created FitnessQuest10 in San Diego, he’s trained numerous NFL MVPs like Ladainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees to name a few, and has more intensity than any human you will ever see when he’s in his natural coaching environment. The fact that they brought TD in for a golf fitness show is just another sign that golf is beginning to be treated as the athletic endeavor that it is.  Todd takes Dave through a series of drills that he uses with his NFL clients, including 7 active Quarterbacks.  It’s hard to watch Todd Durkin coach and not want to get up and go crush something or at least yell at someone.
  • I imagine that there’ll be millions of golfers who watch these episodes sitting on a couch or in a very soft recliner and think to themselves “I should do some of that”. If you’re interested in golf fitness and don’t know where to start, just keep following this blog and I’ll be addressing that issue.

    All ten of these shows can be purchased via iTunes to be watched on your Smart Phone by clicking the link below:

    Buy the entire season of the Golf Fitness Academy: Season 6

    • james

      Great review! Just bought this now. 10 episodes for $9.99 HD is great deal!

    • admin

      Good for you James, and since you’ll have the videos on your phone you can call them up while you’re at the gym. Seeing them on TV is cool but it’s easy to forget what you saw by the time you’re actually ready to try the movements.

    • Anonymous

      Smart decision James, I told the guys at myTPI that this could easily have been a $50 DVD given the amount of great content they’ve put together.