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Virtual Golf Lesson from FixYourGame.com

Video Golf Lessons Can Work

I recently had the chance to receive a complimentary virtual golf lesson from PGA Professional Brant Kasbohm from FixYourGame.com.  Virtual golf instruction is an idea whose time has come.  Now that video cameras are shooting in HD and even at high speeds (like my Casio) every golfer interested in improvement should really be giving virtual lessons a try.  Not only is it a much cheaper alternative to a “live” lesson (though of course not quite as ‘real’) it’s a great way to force you to learn how to film your swing properly and to monitor your progress with repeated updates.

In the below video Brant has one major piece of advice for me: NARROW YOUR STANCE!  In his opinion there will be a “snowball effect” from making this change, which should lead to a better shoulder turn.  In the second video you can see that I’ve in fact been working on narrowing my stance and my swing is looking a little better.  Let me know if you see any improvement in the second video, which was shot just last week (January 2011).  The swing used in the video lesson with FixYourGame.com was recorded during early 2010.  Looking at it now I can see that my super wide stance was really hindering my turn.  I’m still restricted but that’s something I’m working on in the gym.

My Online Lesson with Brant Kasbohm of FixYourGame.com

My swing now, with a narrower stance.

I would recommend checking out Brant’s site as his lessons are straightforward, reasonably priced, and professionally presented.  He’s located in Wisconsin where apparently everyone is really nice. Steve Stricker being a prime example.  Good luck to his Packers today! (It’s Super Bowl Sunday!)

  • http://twitter.com/rtbgolfer Ryan Becker

    This is really cool. What a neat idea — I have never heard of it before. It makes complete sense. I actually just shortened up my stance as well — specifically with the driver — because I realized I was not getting a good enough turn. I am blown away by how cool this is!

  • Anonymous

    The time for virtual lessons has arrived.rnrnSent via DROID on Verizon Wirelessrnrn—–Original message—–

  • Anonymous

    Nick,nnI actually tried this for a brief time with another website I was running last year. No one signed up partly because many on my email list could not afford the prices I was charging and didn’t have video cameras. If a lower rate (golf lessons are far to expensive) is offered, this can be a great way for anyone looking to improve their games.

  • Anonymous

    Jordan: Part of what I’d like to do is share with people how easy it is to buy an affordable vidcam and record your own swing. Brant is only charging $20 or so for the lessons on his site, definitely a reasonable price. I believe it will take off in popularity because the pro can do a voiceover from anywhere and doesn’t need to spend a full hour with the student. Of course, real lessons are great, but as you said they’re very expensive becuase the student is monopolozing the time of the teacher. I like the idea of live group lessons but it takes a lot to coordinate all those people to show up at the same time, ready to learn.