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Ball Striking 101 with RC and CH3

myTPI Presents The Contact Show: (Episode 2) Starring Ryan Crysler and Claude Harmon III

My concern is for the average golfer, the middle aged or older male who shoots anywhere from the low 80s at times to over 100, but is decent enough to be obsessed over improving.  In my opinion these are the players who have potential but their needs are not being met by the industry.  One of the missing pieces among the golf tips I’m used to seeing in the magazines is that there is not enough focus on SOLID CONTACT, meaning the quality of the strike.  Ryan Crysler and Claude Harmon III ‘get it’ when it comes to what’s most important for the avid player who isn’t quite at the point of needing to learn to shape the ball or work on the finer points of the swing plane or shot trajectory. Making clean contact on every shot is in my mind MORE IMPORTANT EVEN THAN MY SCORE. Chew on that.

In this show, their second episode, we get some good tips on putting and pitching the ball.  We hear Claude call out some golfers who obsess over the ball during their putting stroke, and if you listen closely to RC at about the 1:19 mark you will get a taste of his trademark phrase.  Then Mr. Harmon the third gives some good insights into what gives a lot of hackers fits when it comes to greenside pitches.  ENJOY THE CONTACT SHOW, SUBSCRIBE TO THE myTPI YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND FOLLOW THESE GUYS ON TWITTER:

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