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Jason Glass Talks Explosive Rotational Power

Jason Glass Performance Lab Episode 1


New DVD from Jason Glass: Feel Better Play Better

There’s a new golf fitness superstar on the block. He’s from Canada and his name is Jason Glass, and he’s putting out some interesting video content both on his DVDs and in his show on TPI TV known as the “Jason Glass Performance Lab”.  Jason brings an understanding of functional movement and a lot of creativity to the process of training your body to play better golf.  He touches on some topics that are near and dear to my heart: Segmental stabilization, kinematic sequencing, engaging the core, and developing power from a sound pivot which comes from pelvic control.  These happen to not only be the keys to power in any rotational sport like baseball, hockey, tennis, or golf, but they’re also critical for preventing injury. 

Even though Jason does speak about the topics during his segments, he is a trainer at heart and the focus is on the exercises and how to perform them the right way.  Anyone can prescribe exercises and anyone can spout theory, but few trainers can demonstrate an exercise, focus on the critical aspects, while delivering the information so that the average golfer can make sense of it and not feel like they just finished a two hour anatomy lab.   I know we’ll be seeing a lot more great videos from myTPI and Jason Glass in the near future.