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Disassociating the upper and lower body

Claude Harmon III shows how to test for upper and lower body disassociation

Claude Harmon III is one of my favorite modern golf instructors.  In all due respect to the current Golf Digest #1 golf pro in America (Butchy) and the #1 golf pro in world history (Claude Harmon, Sr.), I believe lessons from CH3 would have a bigger impact on a mid-handicapper’s game because of his vast knowledge of golf biomechanics, golf specific fitness, and how to use the new technologies available to the progressive instructor.  Of course he’s got a lot of other skills as well, but the aforementioned areas of specialty are in my mind what are most important if you’re trying to drop strokes off your index after years or decades of zero improvement.

Have a look at Claude’s video explanation of how to assess hip rotation: