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Martin Hall talks AMM3D golf

Martin Hall: AMM 3D golf is the future of swing analysis

I’ve spent a good part of the day studying Phil Cheetham’s YouTube channel for AMM (Advanced Motion Measurement) (http://www.youtube.com/user/AMM3DTV) showcasing his biofeedback and motion capture technology developed in recent years at his company by the same name, Advanced Motion Measurement.  (http://www.amm3d.com/)  There are a great deal of acronyms in the world of golf technology!  TPI, AMM, 3D, MOI, COR, it’s tough to keep it all straight but just remember AMM as being behind the 3D motion capture technology used by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips at TPI in Oceanside.  The system enables the swing coach to model a player’s swing and view it from all three dimensions, which is inherently more valuable than a flat 2D rendition that standard video offers.

Lynn Beasely, a golf biomechanist, strength trainer, and golf fitness expert, is featured in many of the videos- she is also a very well respected expert in the field and is one of the few AMM3D certified specialists.  If you live anywhere near Palm Desert, CA, you should pay a visit to Lynn Beasley Sports Performance  http://lynnbeasley.com/

Kinematic Sequence versus Kinetic Linking

In a recent post about ZenoLink, a technology created by Chris Welch, I initially used the term kinematic sequence when in fact, according to Dr. Greg Rose, what ZenoLink measures is kinetic linking.  I was given some high level material from TPI’s Golf Biomechanics manual and once I’ve absorbed that, I will elaborate more on the distinction in a later post.

Phil Cheetham and Dr. Greg Rose have both done a ton of work in the area of golf biomechanics, and from what I’ve studied and what experts have told me, the AMM/TPI3D system is the best that money can buy when it comes to being able to view a golfer’s swing accurately in 3D and measure their kinematic sequence.  In this video, Martin Hall gives a testimonial for AMM after having just purchased a system for his own use.  “The absolute cutting edge…It leaves video in the stone age..”


The newest product from AMM is a wireless sensor that provides biofeedback.  Here’s Dave Phillips from TPI demonstrating the AMMsensor.

AMM Kinematic Sequence Graph