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Golf Channel Instructor Search, Part 2 and FINALISTS!

Golf Channel Submissions: The next 33

Last week I posted the top half of the best Golf Channel Instructor Search submissions I ran across on YouTube.  At the bottom of the post is the remainder of the list.  As I stated before, I commend any pro who took the time to submit a video. As someone who dabbles in golf video production, I’ve come to realize that audio quality is perhaps the most critical element of the entire process, so as a result very few of the submissions from the ‘A list’ had low audio levels.  You may have to crank the volume on some of this set submissions but they are all valuable in their own way. Karen Palacios Jansen is included on this list- she did well the other night during her segment. I think she offers a unique message for the viewers as an excellent female player, teacher and fitness expert who happens to be married to an Olympic golf medalist with massive quads. In hindsight, I should have included her in the first list but I was judging a lot on production value and since the lighting was dim and Karen was not miked for sound, so with great hesitation I put her submission onto the B List.  She did disclaim at the beginning of her video that it would be a homemade production.

Somehow I missed the Martin Hall and Wayne ‘Gary’ Player’s submissions, probably because they didn’t submit them on YouTube.  I also didn’t know that Shawn Clement had submitted a video- I really think he should get a shot as he’s made an enormous contribution with his YouTube videos yet the TV watching public hasn’t heard of him yet.  At a certain point the Golf Channel pulled all of the submissions from their website (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!) which is why I had to rely on YouTube.  Sorry Shawn, I even checked your channel and didn’t see your submission listed but there are a lot of videos to wade through so maybe it’s buried in there!

I’m voting for Karen PJ for several reasons:

1.  She’s heavily involved in Golf Fitness and I believe is the editor of Golf Fitness magazine, and this is the area that is most lacking in terms of TV coverage over the years.  There are plenty of instructors focused on purely the technical side of the game. We need more golf fitness, and they should bring Katherine Roberts back while they’re at it. Golfers badly need to work on posture, to develop more flexibility, and to understand their physical limitations, and why their golf potential is limited by their level of fitness!  The guys who ignore the fitness aspect of the game are the ones who need to be stretching and in the gym the most.

2.  She is (obviously) female and let’s not lie about it, she’s extremely nice looking. That’s not the reason I picked her, but it needed to be addressed, as I’m hearing a lot of claims that she was picked for being pretty.  Women are underrepresented in the world of Golf Instruction, and the biggest myth is that women are “good teachers for other women”. The reality is that Karen would beat 99.9% of the male viewership in a heads up match, and she’s got plenty of credentials having worked with top teachers like McLean and Leadbetter and was LPGA teacher of the year in 2008.  This is television and the fact is more men and women will want to watch Karen because she has the whole package: Golf pedigree, a unique teaching philosophy, and good delivery. She could impact ratings by bringing in more female viewers.  She could impact ratings by bringing in more male viewers as well.  Has anyone else noticed that TGC is now running informmercials at times when they used to run great classic shows? Karen is a breath of fresh air.  It’s not easy being extremely attractive and athletic.  Believe me I know what it’s like.  I’m extremely handsome myself, just ask me.

3. Martin Hall is a great teacher, one of the best in the world. In the same way that Rory McIlroy didn’t deserve rookie of the year for 2010 because he wasn’t a true rookie, I don’t believe Martin Hall should be up for this because he’s been on The Golf Channel so much already in the past. He’s a featured instructor so how can he be ‘discovered’ in this contest?! I thought we’d see someone like Brian Manzella or Lynn Blake or Shawn Clement or Martin Chuck or Jeff Ritter as a finalist: they need to be exposed to the mass tv audience that the Golf Channel has developed. Martin Hall has been a staple of the network for years. His approach is based on The Golfing Machine and I enjoy his stuff very much, I just think he’s not technically a ‘fresh face’.

4. Wayne Player has a very entertaining way about him and I would like to see more of what he has to say, but his mannerisms remind me too much of Michael Breed, loud and in your face. I like Mike but I don’t particularly like being yelled at night after night. It’s a bit insulting to my intelligence because I don’t think that’s even Mike’s true personality, no one can be ‘on’ like that all the time.  Why does golf need to be treated like televised football and basketball games with quick cuts and sound bites and short attention span theater?  It takes 4 hours to play a round of golf, I think we’re patient enough to listen to a good instructor explain a concept in more than 20 seconds.  Plus Player is the son of one of the greatest golfers of all time, so it’s not like he needed to be ‘discovered’. He makes a living doing corporate engagements; he’s already done very well for himself in terms of promotion if he’s able to book gigs like that.

Golf Channel Instructor Search Finalists

Below are the submissions of the three finalists. As I said, I’m voting for Karen. Overall I was a little upset with the Golf Channel over the way this whole contest was handled. The four three finalists should’ve been people who don’t have a history of being on the Golf channel. Martin has been on a TON and is arguably one of the ten most well known instructors in the world, Karen has had her share of appearances and has several dozen videos on The Golf Channel’s website already, and Wayne as a birthright has many doors open to him. When your dad is Gary Player it’s guaranteed that you were forced to do thousands of pushups a day as a child, that your dad probably never let you eat sugar or white bread, and that you can get a gig as a golf instructor just by opening your mouth. If you close your eyes he sounds just like the Black Knight. Wayne could surely kick my ass so please don’t tell him I said any of this. Not his fault he was born into privilege.  Just to be clear, I’m a big Gary Player fan as well as a Wayne Player supporter, but this contest is supposed to be about providing OPPORTUNITY to those who are UNDISCOVERED.

A few more points before we get to the finalists:

Lynn Blake and Jeff Ritter were robbed. Their submissions were beyond outstanding. There were supposed to be four finalists by the way, what happened there? I love the Golf Channel and it’s about the only TV I watch besides PGA Tour action and other sporting events such as when my San Francisco Giants absolutely dominated the Texas Rangers to win the world series.  But TGC appears to have scammed all of the hopefuls who submitted an entry by not letting in anyone who wasn’t already a big name in this business. Martin Hall has been on so many times I figured he was a founding shareholder of the company!  My guess is that the selections were made before the submissions were made, and this whole thing is a big promotional opportunity for TGC.  To me, this is unfair to those who labored over their submission expecting that they had a shot.  In reality they were donating content to TGC for zero compensation, and to a certain degree they are made to look like fools for having jumped through the hoops only to find out that the finalists were all celebrity instructors.  <\rant>

Karen Palacios Jansen Golf Channel Instructor Search Submission

Martin Hall Golf Channel Instructor Search Submission

Wayne ‘Gary’ Player Golf Channel Instructor Search Submission

Here is the “B List” of the next 33 entries.

Rice Andrew 7:21
Nesbitt David 8:36
Johansen Chad 9:59
Koscher Rick 9:42
Goecks C.J. 9:26
Immelman Mark 9:54
Clearwater Nick 8:13
Tischler E.A. 10:00
Buckley Ton 8:07
Palacios-Jansen Karen 9:09
Johnson Dave 9:25
Krause Bob 7:01
Seifferlein Scott 9:45
Byman Bob 9:30
Rowe Chris 7:26
Patterson Brad 9:57
Dunigan John 9:42
Casabella Todd 10:09
Rohan-Weaver John 9:29
Suggs Joel 9:17
Dunn-Kato Nancy 9:52
Lee Danny 8:49
Nicholson Bryan 7:37
Huslig Racquel 7:27
Wearner Trent 9:05
Hester Shawn 7:39
Bannatyne Stewart 7:31
Jacobs Michael 7:59
LaPointe Marc 8:47
Donnellan David 6:30
Moore Mark 8:05
Durland Mark 6:05
Butcher JJ 9:54