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Contra Costa Country Club: October 2009

Not much to say about this round. I shot a 90 at Contra Costa Country Club in October 2009. I started off shaky but hit a few nice shots down the stretch.

I enjoyed the course, it’s a great classic design, but didn’t start hitting the ball well until the very end of the day. I was in a tournament setting and couldn’t use my video camera much because I didn’t feel like some of the guys in the group would have appreciated it. I did take a number of good photos of the course, have a look:

I liked the fact that this club seemed empty in the evening when we were wrapping up our rounds, like if you were a member you could swing by at 3 and have the course practically all to yourself. Olympic Club is not like this, the place is usually buzzing with golfers anytime there’s good weather out there.

I did put together a quick video for one of the guys I played with.  He wears MBT shoes, this was well before the Sketchers Shape Ups came out.

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