Dec 18 / admin

Self-Imposed Limitations

I’m like a lot of golfers, in that I’ve been playing for a long time but haven’t made a lot of improvements over the last several years.  As beginners, we all develop some level of ability to square the clubface to the ball.  Playing on the course, it’s natural to want to do whatever possible to make solid contact.  In my opinion, it is the compensations we learn early on in our development as golfers that imprisons us at the intermediate level.

The tendency with this game is for the average player to reach a point early in their golfing life where they will not be able to make significant improvement without making drastic changes to the way they set up to the golf ball and the way they swing the club.

My big swing flaw, which I developed early on, was the tendency to slide laterally toward the target throughout the downswing rather than pivoting around a fixed point.  The below video is a rough cut of the first Episode of the Golf Progress Video Blog.  In this episode there is footage from an August 2007 golf lesson I took with Terry Rowles who runs the San Francisco Golf Performance Center, who is a fabulous teacher having worked under Leadbetter in Europe for a number of years.  He is also a C.H.E.K. certified Golf Biomechanist and has a very cool setup on Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco, just steps from my office.

Rough Cut of GolfProgress Video Blog Episode #1