Jun 30 / admin

Why I’m Special

Why should anyone care what I have to say about golf improvement?

Why_I'm_SpecialLink to video:

May 31 / admin

Short game grinding

You hear it every day in golf instruction circles:

“The quickest way to improve is to work on your short game”

So I did.

short_game_grindVideo Link Here:

Apr 30 / admin

Life in the fast and slow lane

I played a round of golf using two different cameras.  The Swingshot was recording at a standard frame rate of 30 frames/second but I also had my Casio at 240 fps recording some of the same swings.

Check it out.

Life in the Fast Lane

This was a round of golf played at Metropolitan Golf Links in Oakland.

Here is a link to the SwingShot on course golf camera I used.
Here is a link to the Casio EX-FH100 camera also used which has been discontinued but is still available on Amazon.com

Link to the Video: